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CFUL Liquid Transfer Hoses

Cryofab offers the ultimate in liquid cylinder hose for efficient cryogenic liquid transfer for liquid cylinder filling, mini-bulk trans-filling, home care oxygen transfill, and excellent for use as a product liquid or gas delivery hose for a cryogenic liquid source in a customer application.

All of our hoses come standard with protective armor casing to help prevent kinking, over-bending and twisting and allow for more comfortable handling of the hoses.  All of these factors assist in prolonging the life and reliability of the hose.

Cryogenic liquid transfer hoses to meet all of your transfill needs for nitrogen and additional inert elements.

Hoses to suit all of your oxygen transfer needs.

We offer a complete line of accessories such as adapters, safety relief devices and phase separators to compliment our CFUL transfer hoses.

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