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Cryofab offers superior cryogenic parts and accessories for:

  • CMSH series liquid helium dewars
  • CL series, CLPB series or CH series dewars for liquid nitrogen, oxygen or argon
  • CHD series large volume liquid gas storage tanks

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Need help with your repair? Cryofab, Inc. has over 35 years of experience in repair, manufacture, design and fabrication of cryogenic containers. We offer, by far, the highest quality reconditioning program.
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Complete access port assembly and component parts for Cryofab CMSH liquid helium storage dewars including couplings, o-rings, seals and more.

Cryofab offers the ultimate in liquid cylinder hose for efficient cryogenic liquid transfer for liquid cylinder filling, mini-bulk trans-filling, home care oxygen transfill, and excellent for use as a product liquid or gas delivery hose for a cryogenic liquid source in a customer application.

Piping Parts for Cryofab CMSH series liquid helium storage dewars including gaskets, connectors, relief valves, rupture discs, pressure gauges, flow meters and more.

Cryofab CMSH liquid helium tank gauge

Differential level gauges for Cryofab CMSH Series liquid helium tanks

Tank decals for Cryofab CMSH liquid helium dewars. In inches to liters and centimeters to liters. 

Replacement and optional parts for  Cryofab CL Series, CLPB Series, or CH Series containers for liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen or liquid argon.

Replacement and optional parts for Cryofab large volume storage for liquid gases, CLD/CHD Series. 

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